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Post by MadHatter on 15/7/2012, 03:08

To prevent any kind of problem and have good time on forum there is some simple rules to follow :

- When you register, use the same name as IG.
- Do not use the same password on this forum and IG, even if it's impossible for me to see what password you are using on this forum, i don't want to be accuse of any kind of steal, scam, and stuff like this.
- This is an ENGLISH clan, so use only english on this forum, other languages are not allowed.
- And ofc, be respectfull!Anything racist, violent, disrespectfull will be deleted.

- You don't need to be registred on forum to post an application.
- When a member is accepted by staff, we will activate your forum account, and you will be able to see private section.

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