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Clan rules! Empty Clan rules!

Post by Silv3r on 22/7/2012, 07:54

General Rules :

- Always listen to leader/s.
- Be respectfull with clan members.
- Help clan as much as you can.
- Think for clan before think for yourself.
- Don't argue with clan members.
- Don't make anything that can be bad for clan reputation.
- Every member must have one support class on main or sub.
- When it's time for a clan party (RB etc ...) all must come, no excuses allowed.
- Every member is part of QQ clan, and participate in decisions about clan applications. Everyone have right to vote +1/-1 and to give explanation/reason of their decision.

Items Rules :

- Every drop from RB goes to clan wh.
- Drops in clan party goes clan wh (unless someone from party need it).

PvP Rules :

- Always listen to Clan leader, Co Leaders & Party Leaders, a good party is a party that listen the leaders.
- Defend the clan name, report everything about pvp/pk to CL.

Clan rules! Silv3r

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