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Post by Unno on 18/7/2013, 23:13

Real name/Character Name: Pavelas / Unno
Age: 24
Class/lvl: Human fighter>Rogue>Treasure Hunter>Adventurer ( atm lvl 11 , next week I`m on holidays,so i will have more time to spend playing )
Ingame equip: no-grade
Timezone and Country: GMT , United Kingdom
How many hours do you play a day?: Average 3-4 hours ,but i use those hours by playing,not standing in city and chatting.
How long have you been playing L2 for?: Started 2003
Can you speak and understand English?: Yes.
Previous clans you've been on?: Main clan c2h5oh , since 2003 .
Do you know anyone from clan?/Anyone can recommend you?: Don`t think so.
Why do you want to join QQ?:Saw advert @l2 queen forum,thought it`s good idea to apply.


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Application Unno Empty Re: Application Unno

Post by Silv3r on 19/7/2013, 00:10

Your activity its not your best point.. but let's try Smile You'll get a spot.

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